Jennifer’s Story

The Story Behind The 100-Pound Weight Loss

Around ten years ago, I was 100 pounds overweight. To sum up the problem behind my obesity: I was addicted to pizza and partying. On most nights, I binge drank until the early hours of the morning, and then gorged myself on fast food afterwards.

Then I would pass out for three hours before waking up for work. Ten hours later, I left the office, just to repeat the cycle all over again.

Beneath the work hard, party harder surface, I was riddled with stress, anxiety, and depression. I had been leading a very unhealthy, toxic lifestyle for too many years, and my physical health was suffering. But I continued to live in denial.

To face the truth meant making drastic changes in my life. And I wasn’t quite ready to change. Not yet.

By my mid-20’s, not only was I 100 pounds overweight, but I also began to suffer from what I believed to be anxiety attacks (I later realized that they were alcohol-induced heart palpitations). When these mysterious attacks began to creep up, this is when things got real. I knew something was seriously wrong with me. Something needed to change.

I could no longer delude myself into thinking that everything in my life was okay. I had to face the facts: I was an obese binge drinker with severe anxiety issues. Besides my lucrative career, my life was out of control.

Not only was I battling my budding health issues, my lucrative (but unfulfilling) career was stressful, anxiety-inducing, and draining. I also seemed to be stuck in dysfunctional, repetitive cycles with toxic people who brought me down. I felt uncomfortable in my own skin. And I could never seem to find genuine happiness in anything I did.

My toolbox of healthy coping mechanisms was empty. Therefore, in an effort to mask the underlying feeling of unease and unhappiness in my life, I turned to excessive amounts of alcohol and fattening food.

And so I drank. And I ate. And I smoked. And I continued down my road of self-destruction.

By this point in my life, I was on the verge of considering serious weight loss surgery and a prescription of Xanax. At 270 pounds, I had officially hit my rock bottom. I knew something needed to change.

As a last ditch effort, before officially giving up and turning to bariatric surgery and antidepressants, I discovered yoga and a plant-based diet.

This is when everything began to change. Very slowly.

Making these huge, foreign lifestyle changes on my own without a guide, it took me a solid year to iron out the kinks before I got things right. But once that initial trial and error period ended, The Organic Transformation was born.

First I started practicing yoga, which was very challenging for me as I was 100 pounds overweight. Then I went vegetarian (later transitioning to vegan) and gave up meat for good. Then I stopped drinking, which really helped me to eliminate the middle of the night pizza and fast food runs.

Shortly after gaining control over my physical health, I felt the need to clean up the rest of my life, which included my emotional health and inner well-being. It was a very challenging time for me, but with all these other positive changes taking place in my life, I found the inner strength to officially release all toxicity in my life – relationships, situations, and unhealthy attachments.

This meant saying goodbye to people and habits that no longer served me. People and habits that were doing nothing but bringing me down, sucking me into the black hole of negative energy.

Swapping the bad for the good, my entire life changed for the better.

In less than one year of working this plan that I now call The Organic Transformation, the initial 75 pounds just melted away. And not only did I lose the weight, the heart palpitations stopped. Not only was my health improving, inner happiness was pouring out of me. I started to feel more connected with God/the Universe and began to discover my purpose in life.

Along with all these changes, came an increased level of confidence. Dropping the excess baggage (in all forms) gave me the courage to chase after my wildest dreams. The inner shift that was taking place was undeniable. I had never felt better.

Shortly after losing a bulk of the weight, I made the decision to take a (very) early retirement from the corporate world. Taking a big risk in order to follow my heart, I left my home state of New Jersey and moved to California, where I became a certified yoga instructor.

Then, a couple years later, I went after my ultimate palm tree-driven goal: I sold off all my earthly possessions and relocated to a small island in the South Pacific. It was there that I later created The Organic Transformation and PLANT-Based Essentials.

Now, almost a decade later and committed to The Organic Transformation for life, I have lost a total of 100-pounds (give or take, depending on the day) and have never been healthier. Everything about my body, life, relationships, and career is the polar opposite of what it once was. My entire lifestyle has been transformed in an undeniable, drastic way.

If it weren’t for this finely-tuned health and life makeover journey, I would still be 100-pounds overweight. I would still be drinking and eating my health into the ground. And I would still be allowing toxic people and situations to negatively affect my well-being. And if it weren’t for The Organic Transformation, I would definitely not be living my dream life in the South Pacific, channeling my time and energy into helping others reach their full potential.

Knowing how transformational and empowering my own journey has been, I now take immense pleasure in guiding others down their own path toward ultimate health and success. Trust me, if I can do it, anyone can.

If you’re looking to achieve your own miracle, make sure to check out The Organic Transformation Series.