The Organic Transformation

The Organic Transformation is a natural, holistic approach to total health, wellness, and abundance. This 5-book series (books can be purchased individually, or as a set) provides you with all the tools needed to lose weight, feel great, and improve your life on every level. If you're someone who is interested in transitioning to a plant-based diet, this collection will be vital to your success.


Author & Founder, Jennifer B. Niles

Before/After The Organic Transformation

100-Pounds GONE!

The Organic Transformation is the ultimate, all-inclusive holistic approach to weight loss, dramatically improved health, an abundant life, and inner happiness. It is a complete lifestyle makeover that harnesses the healing powers of a plant-based diet, yoga, and energy work.

Not only will you lose weight and feel great, your entire life will be transformed as well.

It doesn't matter if you currently live on meat and dairy. It doesn't matter if you’re currently battling a life-threatening disease. It doesn't matter if haven’t stretched since childhood. It doesn't matter if you’re hundreds of pounds overweight. And it doesn't matter if you’re just looking to lose your last ten pounds.

All that matters is that you are SERIOUS about transforming your life. That you are DEDICATED to positive change. And if you are, this book will be vital in helping you to achieve your goals.

My Organic Transformation didn't happen overnight. Your organic transformation won’t be instantaneous either. The process of upgrading your lifestyle takes time.

And it ONLY happens when you stay committed to your goals.

Trust me; I know it’s not easy to kick those bad habits that you’ve had years to perfect. I know it’s not a simple process to give up meat and cheese. I know how hard it is to clean up your act when there’s an endless amount of negative influences around you.

But it CAN be done – if you want it badly enough.

No matter where you are on your health journey right now (or where you’re not), a dedication to this lifestyle makeover journey WILL yield results.

The Organic Transformation is different than many weight loss or health improvement programs out there. In fact, I don’t even like to use the word ‘program’ or compare it to health programs. Upgrading your lifestyle is not a ‘program’ at all – it’s a path to better health, more abundance, and a happier existence here on planet Earth.

The Organic Transformation is a journey guaranteed to transform everything in your life. From health, to finances, to relationships, to your career. It is a complete lifestyle upgrade that will dramatically enhance the state of your mind, body, and soul. The Organic Transformation will improve everything about your life, paving the way for you to step into your higher self.

The Organic Transformation is a better, kinder, more efficient way of living. It’s a way of life that will not only help you shed those unwanted pounds, but that will also add years to your lifespan, destroy disease within the body, sharpen your mind, improve your relationships, and bring positive things into your life.

Learn how to boost your health and well-being on every level using all-natural methods. Cultivate a youthful appearance, balance your hormone levels and moods, regulate blood sugar levels, and significantly lower the risk for all serious, life-threatening diseases.

Multi-Level Healing

Optimal health is reflective of every aspect of our being – not just the physical. When it comes to complete health and wellness, every layer of our being should be harmonious and balanced.

The Organic Transformation will not only help you lose weight and improve your physical health, but you will also learn how to step into your higher self and live your best life.

  • These books will show you how to transform your thoughts and habits to work in positive alignment with the universe.

  • Learn how to manifest the life of your dreams through the law of attraction.

  • Uncover the key to positive thinking.

  • Discover your true purpose in life.

  • Expand your level of consciousness by increasing awareness of yourself, and the world around you.

The Organic Transformation Series includes tools that will:

  • Show you how to transition to, and then maintain a high-carb/low-fat plant-based diet.

  • Guide you down your choice of two different transformational journeys: ‘Slow & Steady’ and ‘The Fast Track.’ The pace at which you transition to your new lifestyle is completely up to you.

  • Provide you with a plan to incorporate yoga into your weekly routine.

  • Teach you how to avoid common mistakes that many make during their transition.

  • Empower you to address healing on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

  • Teach you how to break through weight loss plateaus.

  • Show you how to properly track your daily caloric intake, macro-nutrients, and exercise levels.

  • Make your trips to the grocery store seamless and economical.

  • Teach you how to make 20+ easy, delicious vegan meals.

The Organic Transformation is NOT:

  • A quick fix. It is a lifestyle makeover.

  • A fad diet. Once you commit, you should commit for life.

  • A magic diet pill. All weight loss will result from 100% natural methods and a commitment to the lifestyle.

  • A program that promises you will lose 20 pounds in 20 days. Instead, you will lose weight steadily and gradually. And for as long as you stay committed to this lifestyle, it will never come back.

  • A program that allows you live on pizza and beer and still experience results. You must commit to consuming mostly (eventually working towards all) plant-based foods.

  • Once you lose the weight, you CANNOT go back to your old lifestyle/diet and still keep the weight off.

If you’re ready to manifest the body, life, present, and future of your dreams, this series of books contains everything you’ll need to know to get started on your journey toward ultimate health, well-being, and abundance.